Welcome to the Datasetifier - a demo of what you can do with our API!

You can combine the different algorithms provided by our API to create new services and integrate them into your platform.

In this demo, we combined upload and execute with the algorithms TextExtractor and ApplyPatternAndResolve. This enables us to provide a lightweight service to upload pdf files and generate EntityLinks to research datasets for them. For demonstration purposes, a very limited set of InfolisPatterns is used for extraction of dataset references and creation of links. When creating your own application, you can of course add a more extensive set of patterns or include a pattern learning step by calling the FrequencyBasedBootstrapping algorithm beforehand.

If you'd like to play around with this demo, you might want to try uploading these documents: document1, document2.

Upload Progress
Text Extraction Progress
Extracted texts
APAR Execution
APAR Progress
Generated Publication-Dataset Links