API Explorer Help

Feel free to look around and test our API.

It consists of three different parts:

essential, advanced and a list of rest-ld methods.

essential contains endpoints for uploading files (upload) and executing algorithms (execute). Please note that uploaded files will not be available for download for copyright reasons.

advanced contains endpoints for monitoring executions and the provenance chains of produced resources (monitor). Furthermore, it allows importing database dumps (json-import) and displaying the current state of the data store (stats).

The rest-ld endpoints offer RESTful access to create, search, retrieve, update and delete instances of the InFoLiS resource classes.

Check out some example API calls and a collection of URIs of example resources to try out different methods and make yourself familiar with the API.

Please note: This API is in rapid development. If you have problems using it or if you find a bug, please create an issue.